Cancer and Tumor Immunology

Cancer Immunobiology is a branch of immunology and it studies interactions between the immune system and cancer cells.


  • Antitumor Effector Cells and Regulation of Tumor Immunity
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Oncogenomics
  • Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy
  • Cancer therapeutic resistance
  • Tumor-Associated Antigen & Immunosuppression
  • Mechanisms of Tumor Rejection and Modulation of Antitumor Responses
  • Pathobiology of Immune System Malignancies
  • Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy & Targeted therapies
  • Drug Development & Vaccines
  • Treatment Approaches for Cancer
  • Economic Impact on Cancer
  • Immuno-Oncology studies
  • Cytokine-based cancer therapy

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